Storytelling in text and pictures

Notes of a slow movement || Notizen einer langsamen Bewegung


In midsummer 2003 a woman drove a Hanomag tractor, built in 1962, the 1,500 kilometers from Bremen to the town of Galan near Toulouse in southern France at a speed of 15 kilometers an hour.


She towed a comfortably fitted-out construction trailer, in which she could work, eat and sleep. She used only small back roads, grappling with the old-fashioned gearshift of the veteran vehicle under the scorching heat of the hottest European summer for decades. The trip took a month.


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Biography Project

This publication is both an artist's book and reader in one and in it Christiane Fichtner presents  her »biographies« in a coherent and stringent form. Numerous texts accompany her artistic standpoint and deal with a topic that is as controversial as it is topical: identity. Three simple pieces of information (name, occupation, year of birth) formulate the framework with which Christiane Fichtner asks people to write a résumé in each case tailored specifically for her. In a collective process with different teams, the fictitious texts are to the basis of new constructions of Self, intersections from the respective projections and contexts of all those involved. For the viewer of the results - large-format photographs including text - every biography is a credible reality. Only when they are lined up in sequence do they reference identity as a possibility that can be staged in many ways and reveal the ego as a questionable moment. (Text: Jens Schulz)

Christiane Fichtner
Artist book and reader
Texts by Sigrid Adorf, Susanne Hinrichs,
Anna Sophie Howoldt, Alma-Elisa Kittner,
Joachim Kreibohm, Brigitte Rath, Michael Schultze,
Marcus Steinweg and Rolf Thiele
248 pages, 22 fig. in color,
24 cm x 17 cm, open thread stitching
ZwoAcht: Edition, Bremen 2010
ISBN 978-3-00-029733-5
18,- Euro

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: Edition
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