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Loose Leaf Archive

Notebooks, photo books, boxes, things, installations and series

“The Loose Leaf Archive is a system that I created to give a structure to my ideas, sketches, drawings, photographs, quotations, concepts, materials, research, colors, instructions, samples, experiments, questions and collections. The Loose Leaf Archive allows me to cultivate a certain archival structure. Everything I am interested in finds its way into my archival system. Since 1999, I have been compiling a collection of extremely diverse materials into scrapbooks. The Loose Leaf Archive consists of the scrapbooks I have produced so far. A scrapbook can contain anything from quotes, notes, photographs and drawings to magazine clippings and the like. The Archive is my individual record of the times and themes which are important to me. Every now and then, something personal also gets included. This in turn produces cross-links, like in a network. On a theoretical level, the Loose Leaf Archive connects all the different ideas and materials I work with.”

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